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206-304-7390 Hawkinsville, Georgia
author of
"Farming Bamboo" with coauthor Dr. Carol Miles
videographer of videos on bamboo and dog pulling

Consulting with fees negotiable

This is the web site of the american bamboo society.
This is a great site for learning about bamboo varieties. It is full of photos of many kinds of bamboo. It is designed and run by Bill Hollenback, great contributor to the bamboo world.
Georgia Bamboo is the wholesale bamboo nursery where I do my research. To buy bamboo in quantity, call Georgia Bamboo.
The president of the SE Chapter of the American Bamboo Society runs this nursery. It is in SW Georgia. His training is in permaculture among other skills.  
David Benfield consults on bamboo farming and installs acreage. He is a pioneer in this endeavor.
Excellent service at all levels. Easy to contact by phone or email. I am very happy with this company

"Farming Bamboo" front cover

Dr. Carol Miles and Daphne Lewis are coauthors of this book on how to farm bamboo. Buy from Earth Advocates Research Farm.
Chapters: Botany, Site Selection, Sources, Planting, Soils, Irrigation, Pests, Control of Spreading, Harvesting Shoots, Renovating Existing Groves, Harvesting Poles, Fodder, Marketing Shoots, Encyclopedia of 29 species of Phyllostachys. 

Buy from Earth Advocates Research Farm or by PayPaling $27 to .

"Farming Bamboo" back cover

Photos left to right.
1. Daphne and friend in grove of henon bamboo in Kirkland, Washington
2. Volunteers working  in a research grove at WSU in Puyallup
3. Henon grove with meadow beyond
4. Bamboo shoots cut in various beautiful patterns
5. New shoot next to old cane
6. Bamboo shoots stir fried with other vegetables
7. Henon bamboo shoots with assorted vegetables
8. Dr. Carol Miles and Daphne Lewis

"Hardy Bamboos for Shoots & Poles

This handbook by Daphne Lewis in 1998  is for quick reference. It has a table of 30 species of bamboo. The columns are NW Height in feet, Max diameter, Min. Temp, Quality of poles and wood, Shoot season, Forage quality, previous flowering dates, flowering cycle, First introduction to US/PI # and comments. Buy from Daphne Lewis. Original copies printed on bamboo paper. These are printed on tree paper.
$12 (limited supply)