Bamboo Farming USA


Crafted beer mugs, vases, walking sticks, serving dishes are now being made by Laurieann Quick in Hawkinsville, Georgia USA. Her business name is Butterfly Bamboo. 

If you have any questions please call Daphne at  206-304-7390.
I will be shipping in USPS priority flat rate boxes. It will hold up to ten pounds of shoots.
Add $13.45 for shipping.
Shoots are only available in March and April.


"Farming Bamboo" front cover

Dr. Carol Miles and Daphne Lewis are coauthors of this book on how to farm bamboo. Buy from Earth Advocates Research Farm.
Chapters: Botany, Site Selection, Sources, Planting, Soils, Irrigation, Pests, Control of Spreading, Harvesting Shoots, Renovating Existing Groves, Harvesting Poles, Fodder, Marketing Shoots, Encyclopedia of 29 species of Phyllostachys.

"Farming Bamboo" back cover

Photos left to right.
1. Daphne and friend in grove of henon bamboo in Kirkland, Washington
2. Volunteers working in a research grove at WSU in Puyallup
3. Henon grove with meadow beyond
4. Bamboo shoots cut in various beautiful patterns
5. New shoot next to old cane
6. Bamboo shoots stir fried with other vegetables
7. Henon bamboo shoots with assorted vegetables
8. Dr. Carol Miles and Daphne Lewis