Bamboo Farming USA

Phyllostachys dulcis - Sweetshoot Bamboo - Vegetable Bamboo
Dulcis is a bamboo that produces shoots without an acrid taste, i.e., without bite. The grove that I work with in Bonaire, Georgia, is meager compared to the other groves. It is less than 1000 square feet. It has not been vigorously spreading and has been heavily dug for nursery plants. In 2010 I did not thin canes. It seemed dulcis needed the photosynthesis of every available leaf. In 2011 I did not harvest any shoots. In fall I thinned the grove to inspire it to send up shoots in 2012. As of March 15, 2012, many new shoots had come up. I flagged them with surveyor tape rather than cut them for shoots.. 

On March 15, 2012 I harvested 2.5 pounds of shoots. 
Because dulcis is a sweetshoot bamboo, I was able to harvest shoots that had been elongating for longer than a more bitter bamboo. In other words most bamboos would be bitter and even fibrous with this ratio of height to width. Most bamboos should be harvested when they have an elongated egg shape.


 As with the praecox, I cut off the woody butts with my serrated knife. After peeling the leaves, I had only two firmer butts to remove. In fact they were tender after all so I added them to my sliced shoots. 

Notice how green the outside skins of some of the shoots are. In spite of this green color, the shoots still tasted good. This would not be the case with a bitter bamboo like henon. They also still were tender. Again, this would not be true of the bamboos noted for good quality wood. I dropped them in boiling water and boiled them for 5 minutes. 

Both the green and white shoots were good. I added them to a salad. The salad marinates in the fridge and I dish it out over lettuce leaves for the next several days.