Bamboo Farming USA

Google Earth!

I was wishing to find someone with a drone to fly over my bamboo farm and photograph it. My brother said “Go to Google Earth”. Here is the result of using Google Earth. I don’t need a drone after all.

The first photo is of the site when I bought it in May 2013. It was largely covered by trees and brush.  The new well in the back 10 acres was good. The well in the front served the rental house. The slab had supported a work shop which burned down. The tenants had been in the house for ten years.

We spent part of the next few months clearing trees and burning wood piles. April and summer were spent putting in irrigation and planting bamboo.


The second photo from Google Earth was taken in December of 2014. I had moved into the house in October 2014. In 2015 I planted the Praecox, Shibatea, Amabilis, River cane, Switch cane and Houzeau. In fall of 2015, I will plant the Iridescence and Atrovaginata. There are trees around my house. I have a different dwarf bamboo under each island of trees. The Google Earth photo next available will show these.


Most of the planting areas measure 100 feet by 130 feet. The roads in between are 20 feet wide.  I will be able to generate significant data from these plots. The first questions are simple.

  • What is the best way to root prune the groves?
  • How soon will shade from the groves crowd out sun loving weeds?
  • How soon to the first harvest?
  • How big will the first harvest be? the second harvest?