Bamboo Farming USA

Phyllostachys praecox - Early Bamboo


Phyllostachys praecox has a long neck under ground. I cut off the most obvious woodiness with loppers when cleaning and weighing the shoots at the car.
Here are the praecox shoots as they came from the cooler. The butts with the root buds and the white internodes feel firm to a knife. I used a serrated knife to cut off these fibrous butts.
The insides are nice and white. Next I take a paring knife and slice through the sheath leaves. I start at the base and slice up to the tip of the shoot. Then I peel the sheath leaves using the cut line to get access. I use my thumb to peel back the sheath leaf. Once the shoot is leaf free (peeled), I poke the base that remains with my paring knife to see if it is tender. I cut off the fibrous parts.

The woody bases are in the blue bowl. These get thrown out. The sheath leaves are in the white bowl. Livestock could eat these. The tender shoots are in the pink bowl and the edible bases are on the cutting board.

Here are the sliced shoots.

These fibrous pieces I chopped finer and will use then in stir fries or stews to add crunch and flavor.