Bamboo Farming USA

Shooting Dates



The date when a bamboo shoots varies by two weeks from year to year. Shooting depends on soil temperature as well as the nature of the species. You can use the graph to learn at what soil temperature your bamboo will shoot. This will allow you to schedule labor.

In middle Georgia, early season shooters praecox and moso shoot in March and early April. Most varieties shoot in April. Japanese timber extends the season into early May. In my research plots, I harvest twice a week.

Each bamboo has a preferred time to shoot. If the soil does not warm up until after that preferred time, there will be fewer shoots. The bamboo does not make up for a late start. Select a site that warms up before or at shooting time.

Praecox:  52°-60° Fahrenheit
Moso:  57°-68°
Dulcis:  64° F
Henon:  60°-74°   Bonaire
Henon:  57°-68°   Fort Valley (cold, wet site)
Vivax aureo. 60°-74°
Golden:  62°     
Nidularia:  67°
Houzeau:  65-73°
Robert Young  62°-68°  Bonaire
Robert Young  62°-73°  Fort Valley
Bambusoides 63°-66°

Download the chart here.